Sustainable Timber

One of our primary mission statements here at PB Hardwoods is that we develop our business in a sustainable way. This is to minimize our effect on the environment. As timber merchants, we are aware of the damage that deforestation can cause. Deforestation can have a massive impact not only on biodiversity and the environment but the local communities that have their natural resources destroyed. Deforestation occurs due to irresponsible merchants, illegal logging, corruption, and bad land management.

Because we are committed to supplying our customers with hardwood that has been sourced sustainably, we offer and promote certified timber to our customers. We always make sure that all of our timber can be supplied with the highest certifications of environmental quality. All of our tradings will also be within the EUTR which aims to stop illegal timber entering the EU.

EUTR stands for the European Union Timber Regulation which aims to stop the placing of illegally harvested timber on the EU market. It is a list of rules that timber merchants and anyone buying or selling timber in the EU must meet. These rules are set out to minimize the risk of illegal timber being traded in the EU. They surround the need for companies trading in timber to keep records of their suppliers so that they can be traced. The EUTR also makes companies implement a due diligence system to check up on their suppliers.

These companies can be businesses that sell any number of wood products, from solid wood, flooring, plywood, pulp, and paper.

Here at PB Hardwoods, we sell only timber that is supplied under the EUTR rules. If you would like to know more about our certified timber or EUTR please give us a call.

We are registered suppliers with both FSC® and PEFC™, so please remember to request what you would like when you order. This will support the procurement of sustainable timber!