About PB Hardwoods

PB Hardwoods Ltd was established by Paul Butterworth SNR in 2016. Now with his two sons and daughter on board PB Hardwoods prides itself  on being a small family run business. Here at PB Hardwoods, you will get not only high-quality hardwoods but friendly and down to earth customer service

Paul has worked closely with end users and the trade for over 30 years. He has been producing grades that increase yields and reduce their waste factors, through many years of working with American and European sawmills. PB supply to an extensive customer base of some of the U.K.’s largest manufactures. the timber goes to supply timber for joinery, furniture, and flooring to name a few. The timber is supplied from Europe and North America and can be PEFC™ or FSC® certified. This ensures that all timber is sourced from suppliers who harvest timber responsibly and sustainably.

Hardwood Exports

Here at PB Hardwoods, our staff has worked in the timber industry all over the world. Exporting and importing hardwoods for decades from the Americas and Europe. It is this high level of experience that they bring to the table here at PB Hardwoods. Our staff has over 80 years of accumulative experience in the timber industry and a wealth of knowledge.

We export a variety of American, European and African hardwoods to our customers all over the world. These include our kiln dried French oak, oak boules and all other products listed on the website. Our international customers can also take advantage of our in-house grader and our excellent supply chain. Our supply chain involves many different mills specializing in a large number of products. This allows our buying department to pre-select products and multi collect from vigorous grading process in the UK. This is then loaded from our purpose built loading station in the Midlands. As a group, we export in excess of 200m3 per month, from the Middle East to Australia, PB Hardwoods suppliers around the globe.

If you are an export customer, please click on the button below to contact us. One of our dedicated sales team will be in contact with you to discuss what you would like and how we can quickly get it to you. Currently, our export market includes South and North America, South Africa and the Middle East.

Paul’s history working in the timber trade

Paul Butterworth began working in the timber trade in 1983, at Glikstein Hardwoods in Liverpool. From here, he began his job as Sales Representative working across Northern England and Wales.

Moving to Transatlantic Hardwoods as a National Sales Manager, expanded on Paul’s previous experience and gave him the chance to start selling American hardwoods. His role focused on importing and grading American hardwoods; looking after large manufacturers throughout the UK.

With regular visits to Lynchburg Virginia USA to work at the companies grading line, Paul became very familiar and confident at grading American hardwood. This led to him managing a large sales team selling American and tropical hardwoods.

However, in 2001, it was time for a change and Paul moved to Holland to work for a company called Leynaar Tapkin. They specialized in American hardwoods, further expanding on Paul experience. This also helped to cement his reputation in the industry. His role also involved regular travel to America where he worked alongside their sister company Salamanca Lumber Sawmill. Ironically, this is where Paul started selling and buying European Oak and European Hardwood, helping the company drive sales.

After his journey across the pond, Paul decided to return to the UK to work as Sales Director for PK Brill. This involved selling European oak and American hardwoods. Paul’s role in PK Brill mainly involved sales/purchasing for the company, Pauls expertise.

From PK Brill, Paul moved some years later to work for the International Timber group as a Group European Hardwoods Director. This role mainly involved sales/purchasing for the company, while managing the team. This led to his role at the International Timber group as Director, before starting his own business.

PB Hardwoods Ltd was born from Paul’s wealth of experience within the timber trade. This is something he wants to draw on and share, in his role as Managing Director.  This was also a golden opportunity to build a family business on his home turf, bringing his knowledge of the international timber trade to Liverpool. PB Hardwoods aim to build on the links with the industry that Paul has built over the last 35 years. PB Hardwoods have an excellent supply chain which runs through France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Russia, USA, and Canada.