American Poplar/ Tulipwood

American Hardwood - Poplar/ Tulipwood

Here at PB Hardwoods we both export and import American Hardwoods. If you are an export customer please see our export page.

Weight: 450- 510kg/m3

Strength: Comparable to obeche

Thickness:  27mm – 100mm

Grade: Export Grade FAS

General Description: 

American poplar grows on the eastern side of North America and if often sought after due to its light nature and relative strength. The Poplar tree can often reach heights of over 100ft making it a low-cost alternative to Walnut or Cherry.

The most common American poplar or Tulipwood varieties found in the united states are white, eastern, Lombardy, and balsam poplar.

It is generally characterized by a yellowish-brown heartwood and almost white sapwood. The wood dries well and fairly rapidly without much degrade; this makes it a soft light timber used for internal joinery, furniture, and moldings. Poplar can be stained or painted very easily making it popular in painted wood products like furniture.

This particular American hardwood is a particular favorite of joiners who use it for interior joinery and paneling.

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