What is the best hardwood for furniture?

Hardwood furniture can be made from a variety of hardwood timbers. The type of hardwood needed to create a piece of furniture depends solely on the type of furniture that is being made, the strength and color that is desired.  The most popular are maple, ash, walnut, oak, and cherry all of which can be used to create stunning furniture

Here at PB Hardwoods, our European oak is often used for furniture. Mostly, kitchens, floors, cabinets, and joinery. Oak is favored due to its character as it ages and the fact that it is very hard and durable. Over time oak furniture can take on pink, red or greenish hues as it ages, depending on the type of tree.

Our customers also often use European Ash for furniture as it is slightly cheaper than oak, but is also slightly less durable. Its pale color, however, can produce some beautiful furniture.

Cherry wood is also highly prized by furniture makers due to its distinct coloring, akin to the color of cherries with a strong grain. Cherry wood has been favored in the past as it is also resistant to rot, very dense and very strong. It also works well as it is very stable enabling it to be cut and shaped and sanded without excessive chipping.

Maple is one of the stronger hardwoods which are also highly prized by furniture makers. This is mainly down to the stunning finish achieved when maple is stained or sanded down.  However, working with maple wood can cause problems for some joiners as it is prone to shrinkage.