Sustainability in a small business

Being a ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’ business has become more and more important over the last decade, especially in the timber industry. Mainly, due to increased deforestation and heightened public awareness of the issue.

Here at PB Hardwoods, we endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment and promote sustainable hardwoods to our customers. We do this mainly through the promotion of FSC® and PEFC™ certified timber on our website and social media to our customers and the public. This lets our customers know that we can supply them with timber from sustainably managed forests when requested and available.

Supplying sustainably managed timber in this way can be good for business as for some customers this is an absolute must. In this way being sustainable and ‘green’ in a small business can open doors and build business relationships. It can lead to long-lasting relationships with customers and be a good tool for promoting your business with events and seminars for people who carry certified timber to be involved in.

There are however also downsides, as although all timber coming into the EU is subject to EUTR regulations, many people still don’t request sustainable timber or consider to ask for it when buying from us.

Here at PB Hardwoods, we would love more customers to request certified timber, but this request needs to come from the end user of the timber.

Always look for the certification symbols on all of your wood and paper products…