PB Hardwoods celebrates FSC® Friday!

PB Hardwoods celebrated FSC® Friday this year by decorating the office and dressing up in green!

FSC® Friday is a day to raise awareness about all of the important work the Forest Stewardship Council® does in supporting sustainable forest management and improving transparency along the supply chain. This helps keep forests worldwide healthy and happy supporting communities and biodiversity.

“We wanted to get involved and show our support from supplying our customers with FSC® certified timber,” said Managing Director Paul Butterworth.

PB Hardwoods began FSC® Friday in their best green outfits and spent the day engaging with FSC®, customers and other organizations who were celebrating.

“As a small business, it’s important that we get involved with things like this to advertise that we can supply this timber to customers and what that will mean further down the supply chain.

“It was also a good opportunity to educate our other staff members on the FSC® certification and advertise the fact that we can supply sustainably managed hardwoods.

“All in all, everyone enjoyed the day and we defiantly got a few laughs out of it! We just wanted to thank everyone who got involved really,” Paul commented.