European Oak Boules

Here at PB Hardwoods, we both import and export European oak. We export from our site in Liverpool all over the world. If you are an export customer from outside the U.K please see our export page on how to order your hardwood.

  • Weight: 720 Kg/m3
  • Thickness: 20mm , 27mm , 34mm , 41mm,54mm ,65mm, 80mm 102mm , 120mm
  • Grades: Prime, Q/ Sawn, FAS, Character, Rustic, Pippy
  • Products: Square Edged Lumber, Square-Edged Strips, Boules, Q/ Sawn, Pippy, Beams

General Description

European oak is found from the Caucuses to Norway and has been recorded to reach the age of 1500 years old. European oak is in high demand for interiors, flooring and furniture work.

Our European oak boules are light in color like a biscuit, usually straight grained, but irregular or cross-grained material can occur depending on growth conditions. They dry relatively slowly with a tendency to check, split and honeycombing. This is why it needs careful handling for air drying and kilning.

A boule is according to “Making the Grade” is:

“A stack of timber formed from a log that is sawn longitudinally by a series of successive parallel cuts with the resultant waney-edged pieces then assembled to re-create the original form of the log.”

Our oak boules are suitable for furniture manufacturing, cabinet making, joinery, parquet strips, and tabletop manufacturing.

Ordering Your Oak Boules

If you would like to order any European Oak boules then please feel free to call us to check our stock. If we don’t have the amount you need we can order it in for you.

Here at PB Hardwoods, we carry oak boules in the grades QBAA- QB3 Prime Character and Rustic.

When requesting your oak boules please ask if you would like them to be FSC® or PEFC™ certified. We are more than happy to supply them if available and support sustainable forestry.

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